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Education is not about innate talent, but integrity and discipline that will help the student to succeed in the area. Just as a competition and performance is only a small part of the artistic development, it is in the educator’s role to guide the learning process with the cultivation of technique. What you put out on the stage is what the audiences will see, but the experience defines the developmental process. More importantly, to be able to perform at one’s best, careful and attentive study are proficiencies paramount to educational and life success. Whether a student becomes world-class violinist, a future educator or something completely different, it is my belief that an
education should be designed to meet each student’s need and goal.


I carry this belief in the power of creativity and motivation to all instruction. Creating a master schedule, constructing a lesson plan and engaging an audience of students is no less art than having a performance. I also believe that teachers who demonstrate curiosity and passion that keeps the learner-oriented teaching brings the most positive and effective results in the classroom. It is teacher’s responsibility to know who my students are; what kind of knowledge and experience they have developed, what they want to achieve to design a curriculum that fits their needs. I make sure to express my curiosity and passion towards each student to motivate and create closer
relationship with them.



My experience as a violin teacher for over ten years, teaching all-ages including university level students have been challenging but extremely rewarding. I aspire to motivate and encourage students to find their utmost potential pursue their goals of becoming a better musician. I have developed creative ways to communicate and deliver musical ideas for students to bring various dynamics in their music making. I try to guide students to experience an emotional connection, which allows a better communication with audiences creating clear
characteristic elements in the music making. Also, my passion and love for teaching is not only focused on an improvement of one’s skill, but sharing musical knowledge, experiencing the real connections to its originality and
how it influences our life and our own musical personality.


  • Accepted and participated to ALL-NATIONAL & ALL-STATE

  • Accepted: Pre-college division at the Juilliard School, Manhattan School of Music and Mannes School of Music.

  • Admitted New York University with Presidential scholarship, Delaware University with Merit scholarship, Stony Brook University with Fellowship

  • Accepted: Meadowmount Music Festival & Heifetz Music Festival

  • Masterclass with World-Renowned Philip Setzer (Emerson Quartet) and Hagai Shaham

  • Top prizes at New York International Music Concours, Manhattan International Music Competition

  • Carnegie Hall & Lincoln Center performances

  • Soloist with NY Youth Symphony Orchestras

  • “The President’s Volunteer Service Award,” a national recognition and the premier volunteer awards program

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